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In the Zone of Recovery- Part I

It was June 1987 and about one week before I was about to graduate high school.  But, for me that was not something I was excited about.  Nope, not for me.  I had something else better going on than that.  The chance for our baseball team to win the state title.  This was years before I would understand addiction recovery and some of the concepts used to help addicts; such as mindfulness, meditation, etc.  The crazy thing about this experience in 1987 was that I was not only playing baseball but at the same time I was mastering these concepts and my buddies were too.  We were in the zone!

Looking Back Our Team Had Fellowship and It was Strong!

This all started back in March of ’87.  I had a group of friends who were on a mission.  We wanted to be the best in the state.  How could we do this?  Well, it would take a lot of the suggestions that 12-step programs give to addicts. We would have to focus…one game at a time, communicate with each other and build each other up in order to get where we were going.  We all had the same goal.  Sound familiar?  It should, as 12-step programs assert that fellowships try to solve a common problem, either alcoholism or addiction.  Looking back our team had fellowship and it was strong!  We were helping each other on and off the field.  A recent article discusses the importance of doing this and supporting one another in addiction recovery.

Our season, just like recovery had its setbacks.  We started out slow and it took time before we would progress and gain hope.  In addition, we had some dysfunction too.  I will never forget my childhood friend got so angry with me during a practice that he chased me with baseball bat.  Fortunately for me he was a stocky kid who I could easily outrun.  Don’t remember what I did to make him angry or how we worked it out but we did.  I must have made my amends to him.

I don’t know when it happened but at one point we turned a corner.  This is when things got very exciting.  To be continued…

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This is what focus and living in the moment looks like!

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