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Treatment Centers for Alcohol Addiction- What is AA?

Treatment Centers for Alcohol Addiction will often recommend that a patient attend Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings to help maintain sobriety.  So, what is AA?    How do you know if you are an alcoholic?  Who attends these meetings?  When do these meetings occur?  Do I have to speak or read during these meetings?  Is it a religious organization?  Are there rules in AA?  These are just some of the questions people might ask.

Treatment Centers for Alcohol Addiction,what is AA,meetings

Treatment Centers for Alcohol Addiction often suggest attending AA.

AA is a group of people who share their experience, strength and hope with each other.  Some meetings will have a speaker do just that.  They tell what happened when they were drinking, what it’s like now without drinking and how they did it.  The whole point of AA is to help those with a desire to stop drinking.  The only person who decides if you are an alcoholic is YOU!  People from all walks of life attend these meetings.  For example; doctors, lawyers, teachers, carpenters, retail associates, you name it… and even retired people attend. The nice thing about these meetings is that they have them at all times of the day.  You can just do a basic internet search and find a meeting.

The only person who decides if you are an alcoholic is YOU!

If you choose to attend a meeting you do not even have to speak.  Just simply say, “I pass.”  If you choose to speak you don’t even have to say you are an alcoholic, just give your first name and you don’t even have to say it if you don’t want to.  AA is not a religious program at all.  It is a spiritual program.  There are no rules in AA.  There certainly are suggestions but it is up to the individual whether to take them or not.   A recent article discusses the benefits of AA.   If you have the desire to stop drinking and want to try, Treatment Centers for Alcohol Addiction will often suggest AA is the place to go.  It has a successful proven track record and has helped millions of people live sober.

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