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In the Zone of Recovery- Part II

For anyone who has played a sport or had a hobby you most likely have experienced living in the moment.  Is it possible for a singer to be thinking about a pressing matter while performing?  Does a ball player have the ability to think about the grocery list while chasing down a fly ball?  I doubt it!  These are examples of being in the zone and focusing on the moment at hand.  This is what my 1987 baseball team had done.  So, addiction recovery often tries to teach the addict to remain in the present.  For many addicts, if they think about it, have had many moments when he or she was living this principle.  If one can master the concept, it will build strength in that person and bring about a sense of peace.

My 1987 baseball team turned a corner a little more than half way through the season.  There were several factors that played into this.  Maybe it was our coach telling us that we “f***ing” sucked.  He was being brutally honest with us at the time and just like addiction, sometimes we need to hear the truth although it may hurt.  Perhaps, we got sick and tired of losing or as they say in the 12-step rooms, “sick and tired of being sick and tired”.  Whatever it was we needed to make a change.  So, we did.  We started spending more time with each other outside of games and practice.  We would eat together, talk baseball and build camaraderie.  Kinda like what 12-step groups suggest…

We Needed to Make a Change!

As a result , our team began to get along much better.  We encouraged each other to do our best and we did not blame each other if something went wrong.  Furthermore,  I no longer was being chased by that crazy teammate with a bat!  Now, we were on the brink of the playoffs.  However, we needed one more win and another team to lose to be the last seed in the State Tournament. We heard the other team did lose.  Our hopes were alive.  But, we were down by three runs in the last inning of the game we needed to win.



So, with the bases loaded, Tommy C. did it…a towering home run to left field.  Talk about a moment of pure “sober” joy!  We did it and now all we needed to do was win four games in a row and we would accomplish our goal, State Champs.  The goal of sobriety is achievable too.  To be continued…

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Do you think these players are thinking about who is coming for dinner tomorrow night? Nope, they are in the zone!




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