Meet The Founder

Robert W. Cabaniss, Jr.

As a person who was lucky enough to find recovery for his own addictions, Williamsville Wellness founder and executive director, Robert W. Cabaniss Jr., has dedicated his resources, experience, time, and energy to bring together the best elements of treatment found under one roof.

With a noted clinical psychiatrist known for expertise in addiction treatment, Cabaniss developed an Advanced Synergized Treatment method that combines five different therapeutic modalities, supported by a highly trained staff of psychologists, counselors, and social workers. No other treatment center in the U.S. offers this program.

A graduate of the University of Virginia’s McIntire School of Commerce, Cabaniss began a career in real estate before becoming involved in the wholesale beverage industry. Cabaniss went on to expand his business, opening microbreweries in Virginia, Florida, North Carolina and St. Martin, FWI.

Battling both gambling and alcohol addictions for over three years led to the closing and sale of the businesses in 2005. Having conquered his alcohol addiction in 2002, in 2006 he started treatment to stop his gambling addiction.

In 2007, Cabaniss opened Williamsville Wellness in his family’s historic home outside Richmond, Virginia. In the four years since that time, people seeking to break the bonds of addiction have found Williamsville Wellness to be a fulfilling, whole health experience, treating both mind and body.

Cabaniss is passionate about helping individuals overcome the darkness that addiction brings to themselves, their loved ones, and their friends.