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Historic Landmark on Four Hundred Acres of “Serenity”


Come here and leave gambling behind. You won’t find a cold, clinical setting here. Nestled on 400 acres of beautiful Virginia countryside, Williamsville Wellness provides a tranquil sanctuary for recovery from gambling addiction. We believe that the true path to healing begins in a place where you feel safe, secure, and relaxed. That is why our facility is designed to make you feel at home.

Williamsville Wellness offers the problem gambler a tranquil space to reflect on the damage created by addiction, and visualize a picture of recovery. It provides a safe space for honest self-examination. This environment, coupled with our holistic approach to treatment and life, encourages and supports change.

On our main property, there is a caboose, barn, and trolley car used for therapy offices, but they also serve as visual reminders for how anything can be transformed. A historic home that has been upgraded with modern comforts also shows that change is possible by keeping what works and letting go of the rest. In addition to the main property, patients may also stay at a nearby property, which offers modern amenities and additional space and comfort. This provides a home away from home for many of our patients.

For added comfort, many of our gambling patients have their own room; there are only eight double rooms for our maximum of 26 patients (on four separate properties).

A relaxed and casual atmosphere lends itself to our residents forming personal connections that often last beyond treatment. The common areas indoors, or the fire pits outdoors, become gathering places for patients to bond after hours or between sessions.

If you are tired of gambling ruining your life, or if you’re observing signs of gambling addiction in someone you love, call Williamsville Wellness 877-559-9959. We are here to help you take the steps toward treatment and recovery.

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