April 20th, also known as 4/20, is a pothead’s dream holiday.  But that’s not how one police department sees this day.  Marijuana is illegal and the Wyoming, Minnesota police department is doing something about it.  Although some people think this “holiday” is funny, the reality is that people who smoke pot several times a day do have negative effects from marijuana use.  One article  points out these effects stating marijuana abusers “have lower reward sensitivity, higher levels of irritability, and likely more depression and anxiety.”

Marijuana/ Pot Heads Beware of 420 and the Police. A humorous way to bring attention to substance abuse!

Marijuana/ Pot Heads Beware of 420 and the Police. A humorous way to bring attention to substance abuse!

A recent article about 4/20 does make light of the situation, but at the same time the police are trying to call attention to the people who abuse drugs.  It is a serious matter and they want people to know that if they have a substance abuse problem there is help available.  So if you think smoking pot all day is a healthy habit, you might want to think twice.  It is a schedule 1 substance which can have such effects as memory loss and risk for addiction.
According to another article: “the short-term effects of marijuana include distortion of senses, anxiety and panic attacks.  In addition, people who use it can experience a lack of coordination in movement and reduced reaction time. Other short-term effects include feeling sleepy or depressed.  Moreover, immediately after using the drug people have an accelerated heartbeat, which increases the risk of a heart attack.  The long-term effects include poor resistance to illnesses and a compromised immune system.  It also can cause growth disorders and abnormal cell structure. Other long-term effects include low male sex hormones, destruction of lung fibers and brain injuries. The brain injuries could be permanent!”

Marijuana is a Serious Matter and Police Want People to Be Aware of its Effects.

So now how funny is 4/20?  You decide.  This a polarizing issue and states that are legalizing it are making money yet you can also cross a state border and get arrested.  Recreational marijuana use and its harmful effects will continue to be an issue to debate for some time to come.


Pot Heads Beware of 420 and the Police
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