A Recipe for Beating A Gambling Addiction.

There are a number of things that a compulsive gambler will need to do once they leave treatment.  Some people believe that he or she doesn’t have to do everything suggested.  But the fact of the matter is that for many people there have been certain things that they have done to lead them to live continuously without gambling .

So if you are one of those people who wants to succeed and never relapse again here are some ideas.  First and foremost do not make that first bet no matter what is going on in your life.  This sounds simple but is not always easy to do.  Another concept related to this is stay away from casinos, bars with gambling and old gambling buddies.  A recent article discusses building a community and developing friendships with people who are living to achieve the same goals you are.

Next, a person should go to ninety Gamblers Anonymous meetings in ninety days.  By doing this you will become familiar with the twelve step program and with the people who attend these meetings.  Also, it is a great idea to go to the meetings early and stay late.  This also is another great way to get to know people.

A Problem Shared is a Problem Cut in Half!

Along with these suggestions is one of the biggest suggestions of all.  Get a sponsor!  This is a person whom you can talk to in private and who will help you learn to live a gamble free life.  It can’t be said enough what this connection has meant to so many people in early recovery.  One former patient began having coffee regularly with his sponsor and one day said that he was thinking about relapsing.  The sponsor looked at him and said “I don’t want to see you relapse because I care about you”.  The sincerity that the sponsor had in his eyes and voice helped this young man stay away from betting many of times.  He never forgot that day they went for coffee!

A Recipe for Beating A Gambling Addiction, succeed

A Recipe for Beating A Gambling Addiction. Success is a Great Thing!

There are twelve steps in recovery that are essential to living a better life.  By doing these steps a person will improve their relationships with loved ones.  In addition, he or she will learn a guideline on how to do “the right thing” even when it’s not always easy.  Also important for you is to eat healthy and drink plenty of water.  If a person can do these things and stay connected to people who do not gamble then they have a great recipe for success!


A Recipe for Beating A Gambling Addiction
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