Addiction affects people of all ages.  Now more than ever there is a major concern for the youth of our society. When I was a high school student there was only alcohol and marijuana in the schools.

Heroin or other opiates were just not on the radar. But, today the story is quite different.  These hard drugs are devastating our kids and their families. Not to mention our communities.

The need for treatment for both alcohol and drugs has increased dramatically.  So, If you have a child or loved one who needs treatment the first step is to contact a professional.  Setting up a medical appointment will be the key to helping your son or daughter.

One major concern for anyone with the desire to stop their addiction is withdrawal from the substance he or she is abusing. A medical professional can put a person at ease when it comes to detoxing from drugs or alcohol.

He or she will explain that the person will be detoxed in a safe environment .  Furthermore, he or she will  also explain that  the patient will be treated with dignity and respect.

One former young adult patient conveyed to me that she was more opened minded when speaking with her doctor about stopping her drug usage rather than her parents.  Then, she went on to say that her parents came across as nagging and often threatening to take privileges away.

This might be the case for many, so it is important for families to talk with professionals about how to address your concerns about your loved one.

There are support groups which are very beneficial to parents.  Alcohol and drug abuse is a very common struggle these days. Support groups such as Al-anon provide knowledge to parents and others about how to live with a loved one who has an addiction.

The folks in Al-Anon have been through similar challenges a parent might be experiencing.  Such support can play a major role in how to best help your child or loved one get help for their addiction.   Furthermore, you will get the care and understanding as it relates to watching a family member or friend fight the disease of addiction.

Additionally, whether your child is in junior high, high school or college, there will always be the temptation to experiment.  For young adults in college, fraternities or sorority can greatly increase access to alcohol and drugs.

So, parents should create an open dialog with their kids.  A parent who communicates regularly with a child  has a better ability to voice concerns about the potential harm of partying.

Addiction Affects Families and Communities

If you have a loved one who you thinks needs help for alcohol and drugs don’t wait until it’s too late.  Seek professional help and the help of those in support groups who are always willing to lend a helping hand!


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Let’s help those in need.

Addiction Our National Crisis
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