By Debbi Taylor

Wow.  I just finished watching the 7th episode of season 1 of the NBC hit show “This is Us”.  Earlier this fall I was out walking one evening after dinner with my daughter and dog in the neighborhood when two of my friends rushed by saying they had to hurry and get their walk in quickly, so they could be home for the season premiere of the show.  They asked me if I had ever seen it and I replied, “No”.  They told me I really should check it out.

I love the fall television season because that’s when I get to indulge in some “me” time.  After our family has had dinner and my husband and I put our daughter to bed I love to check out what’s on television.  We love watching the Fall Classic, also known as baseball’s playoff season.  After a few weeks of playoffs and the crowning of a new World Series champion it’s time for news, drama or a new sitcom.  With a busy school schedule of extra activities and an extended volleyball season into the playoffs I missed the “This is Us” series finale at the end of November.

After Thanksgiving while everyone was shopping on Black Friday, I decided to avoid the stores and spend some “me time” watching “This Is Us”.  Wow does this show hit home.  It shows how addiction effects your life through the Pearson family. There are so many characters in this show that are dealing with addictions ranging from alcohol and drug abuse to overeating. It touches on how three siblings are affected differently from their family’s actions.  When you watch this show you understand the affects of addiction on adults and how there is a cycle that continues from generation to generation creating a dysfunction that is common for families battling addiction.

We Cannot Fix Others, We Can Only Fix Ourselves

How can we break the cycle?  The first step is trying to understand our actions and realizing that only we can change ourselves.  We cannot fix other members of our family.  We need to look in the mirror and take a look at ourselves.  Is there something you don’t like?  Is there something you want to change?  That’s the first step in trying to get well.

Watching “This is Us” can be emotionally draining but if you’re anything like me you’ll feel better after understanding how your life became so complicated.  Season two returns to prime time on January 2.  You should try to check it out.

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Check it out!


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