For so long, this former patient thought he was never hurting anyone but himself with his addiction.  But, when his father was dying of cancer the reality set in.  You see, his dad was diagnosed almost ten years earlier and it went into remission. But during his worst two yearlong relapse his dad’s cancer had returned.  He was one of the few who stood by his son.  So, the young man couldn’t help thinking that the stress his addiction caused may have played some part to his dad’s worsening condition.

Most of his other family members let him know in a harsh way how his drug abuse was affecting them.  In fact, all but one sibling and his dad would not speak to him until he agreed to get treatment.  Don’t get me wrong, just because they spoke to him doesn’t mean he wasn’t hurting them too.  Moreover, when a person is actively using, there is no clear answer whether to speak to them or not.  Therefore, how to handle an active drug addict is a huge challenge for many families and friends.  This was certainly the case for his family.

Recovery Makes a World of Difference to Loved Ones!

The idea that one’s drug addiction does not affect anyone but the user is crazy!  The pain, worry and distress that this young man caused his family was quite a challenge for them.  His addiction hurt them tremendously.   Recovery on the other hand can make a world of difference to loved ones who have worried for so long.  A recent article discusses Linda Carter’s (A.K.A. Wonder Woman) alcoholism and the impact it had on her family.  The amazing thing for her is that she is celebrating 20 years of sobriety this year!  Recovery led her to a better life.  It also helped this former patient to reconnect with his family.

Because this young man was living free of alcohol and drugs, he could visit his dad and be there for his family when the cancer returned.  He took the time to apologize to him for what he had put him and his family through. Furthermore, he was fortunate enough to thank him for all the wonderful times they had together.  This experience gave him a healthy closure to their relationship.  Three weeks later his dad did pass away but he will always be grateful that his dad hung with him through the good and the bad.  He is also very thankful that he got to spend some quality time with him and to express all that he did.  Not to mention his dad was so proud to see him clean and sober!

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The memories of a dad will always be cherished!

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