For anyone in active addiction, whether they know it or not, their disease makes most things tougher to handle. When a person gets into recovery he or she realizes that they now have a better grip on managing life.  But, a person will not know this until they are abstinent from alcohol and drugs for a period of time.  You see, for a person using substances, everyday tasks can be a challenge.  Anything from doing a load of laundry to going to work can be difficult. So, a person who gets treatment will get back to doing the things that were at one time automatic.

One of the ideas that a person with an addiction needs to admit is that their addiction has made their lives unmanageable.  This concept is quite simple when the person is honest about it.  But, for an addict or alcoholic this might be a tough thing to see.  For instance, there are people who drink or drug daily, yet they go to work and pay their bills on time.  In addition, he or she may have never had any legal troubles due to their addiction.  So, it can be quite easy for a person to deny that alcohol or drugs is a problem.  However, this same person often is unable to socialize unless he or she has a drink in hand.  Or, when problems arise there does not seem to be a solution.  It can almost feel like the end of the world for them.

Recovery Reduces Many Problems and Makes Them Much More Manageable!

For the person in recovery he or she now has the ability to solve many problems which used to baffle them.  If they can’t solve it on their own he or she is willing to ask for help.  We have seen this time after time how putting down the drugs and alcohol can help a person think more clearly.  Moreover, the feelings they might experience are not as extreme either.  Life in general is simpler.  But, for someone in active addiction not only can problems be magnified but it might be too late to get help.  A recent article reviews the sad story of addiction.  It describes the worst case scenario even for those who seem to have things together.  So, if you are on the fence as to whether or not you have a problem it is worthwhile to take an honest look at how substances may be impacting your life.

 Addiction Magnifies Problems, help

Problems in Recovery are So Much More Manageable Especially with the Help of Others!

How Addiction Magnifies Problems
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