Addiction Treatment in Virginia:  Pain Management

Taking pain killers is an easy way for someone to begin an addiction.  At first patients take these narcotics to alleviate some form of physical discomfort.  But too often they are unaware that these drugs can become addictive.  The “medicine” prescribed by their doctor works in the beginning.  Then, after taking it for some time it does not seem to work as it once did.  It now takes more and more of the medicine to get the same effect.

I have learned much from working with drug addicts.  Most patients in recovery had no idea that the narcotic medicine they were taking would have so many devastating consequences down the road.  In the beginning they were unaware that their bodies would build a tolerance to the medicine or that if they stopped taking it they would experience withdrawals.  It has been my experience that most doctors prescribe these drugs on a short term basis for acute pain but when someone becomes addicted they will seek them out however possible.  They are either chasing that feeling of euphoria or preventing themselves from becoming sick.  It is a horrible way of living!

Addiction Treatment in Virginia: Seek Professional Help!

One recent article highlights how addicts resort to emergency rooms as a means to getting their drugs.  The reading goes on to describe how ER’s are rarely the ones to help someone with a drug problem.  Often they send the person on their way without addressing the real issue.  A person might be in legitimate chronic pain but narcotics are not the answer to managing this type of pain.  There are other natural ways to deal with it such as deep breathing exercises, talking to others about it (i.e. chronic pain support group), getting a massage and quitting smoking.

Addiction treatment in Virginia or another state might be one option to get off such powerful drugs.  In this setting a patient will be treated medically to reduce the acute symptoms of withdrawal from regular use of any narcotic drug. Whatever you choose to do, stopping the use of such medicines will be necessary to break the cycle of addiction.

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Addiction Treatment in Virginia: Pain Management. What are you willing to do to survive?