After seeking addiction treatment in Virginia this former patient has a story of hope.  As with many people the consequences of addiction take a toll on the human spirit.  One former patient lost the job, the house, the car and the family.  Is it possible to bounce back from such despair?  This patient emphatically says, “YES!”

Addiction Treatment in Virginia:, a story of hope

Rose symbolizing hope.


A recent article demonstrates the struggles of an addict as well as the rewards of remaining clean.  So what is the key to bouncing back from losing so much?  Plain and simple, no matter what happens just don’t pick up that first drink or drug.  If you adhere to this simple principle you will be okay in time.  How long, one might ask.  Well there is no clear cut answer but for this addict taking life day by day made things very manageable.

Addiction Treatment in Virginia: A Story of Hope

In the beginning she would exclaim to her sponsor,  “it’s going to take forever to get back all the things I have lost!” Her sponsor would remind her to take things one day at a time.  Her sponsor also conveyed to her that eventually these days will add up and before you know it you will slowly gain back the things you lost.  Sure enough as time went on, without picking up a drink or drug, she began talking with her family.  Soon after she found work.  Before long she was able to save up money to buy a used car.  Before gaining these she had quickly found one thing, shortly after seeking addiction treatment in Virginia, happiness.  Yes, happiness.

To be free of constantly having to depend on alcohol or drugs each day was contentment for her. The battle was over and time to win back what she had lost.  Although she has still yet to get the house back, this former patient would never regret pursuing addiction treatment in Virginia.




Addiction Treatment in Virginia: Hope
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