Addiction will rob you of everything.  For anyone who has experienced the cycle of addiction you know how it goes. The person uses drugs or alcohol, becomes intoxicated and stops because they fell asleep or passed out.  Then they wake up and begin to feel withdrawals so they use again.  Before long they build a tolerance and the person either has to drink more or take more drugs just to feel normal.  In the meantime, addiction has taken your money, sense of self and any relationships you might have had.

In the beginning drugs and alcohol made you feel good or maybe numbed any bad feelings.  Then addiction slowly starts taking away so many of life’s pleasures.  First, it takes over the addicts mind and he or she is consumed with the thoughts of using.  Furthermore, the person stops doing hobbies they once enjoyed.  In addition, quality time with family and friends is no longer a priority and every little thing that goes wrong in their lives is a crisis.  This is just the beginning and if a person continues to be in the cycle of addiction their lives will get worse.

Unfortunately, some people will end up homeless or in jail.  Even worse some will lose their lives to this disease.  But if they can get help before hitting rock bottom they can avoid all of these horrible scenarios.  In fact one recent article shows how people in recovery are having fun and developing new connections with people.  Connecting with people is the way to go and it’s free!

Addiction Will Rob You of Everything, recovery

Addiction Will Rob You of Everything! Unfortunately some addicts have stooped as low as robbing a child’s piggy bank!

So, if you are on the verge of losing everything talk to someone about your addiction.  There are plenty of people who want to help you stop the cycle of addiction.  Once you get into recovery, you can’t change the past and all of the things you have been robbed of. But one thing for sure is that you can build a new beginning for yourself!


Addiction Will Rob You of Everything
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