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Getting help for alcoholism led this former patient to realize he was on the wrong path to happiness.  About nine years ago he quit drinking for 12 days.  How could I be an alcoholic if I can quit for that long, he thought.  But since then he had managed to lose friendships and his sense of purpose in life.  Could all of this be due to his drinking?

Well there were other things that led him to question whether he was an alcoholic or not.  He also had never been arrested or fired from a job.  Moreover he owned a home and drove a decent car.  But despite all of that he still felt miserable and drinking seemed to be what made him feel better.  The irony though was he knew deep down inside that booze was not the answer to his happiness.  There were too many signs that he had become dependent upon it. It did not seem to be normal to be constantly craving alcohol throughout the day.  In addition, every morning after he drank he felt sick and tired.  He also experienced many blackouts and would often awake in panic knowing that something bad had occurred the night before.

Alcohol Counseling VA Can Assist You With Your Addiction!

He learned in treatment his instincts were really right on the money!  Normal people do not question their drinking habits.  One article discusses questions non alcoholics do not ask themselves.  It took him about 19 days into treatment to recognize that drinking was truly the problem all along.  All the doom and gloom started to slowly lift and it was because he was not drinking.  He also learned that alcoholism is a sneaky disease and that it is very easy to deny the signs of a problem.

If you depend upon alcohol to help you relax, be happy and get through your days then maybe Alcohol Counseling VA might be the answer to your problems.  Taking an honest look at what your drinking has done to your well being is the beginning to getting on the right path.  Get help and end the internal debate for good!

Alcohol Counseling VA,It's easy to deny,disease

Alcohol Counseling VA: The key to discovering happiness.


Alcohol Counseling VA. It’s Easy to Deny a Problem
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