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Whether you are suffering from alcohol or drugs, detoxing from either can be a scary thing.  Many times people continue to abuse alcohol and drugs because they experience horrible physical discomfort when they try to stop.  It also leads to mental anguish.   This is why the battle of addiction can be so difficult to overcome.

One former patient discussed her struggle with alcohol and why it was so challenging to seek help.  She had gotten to the point where if she didn’t drink she felt symptoms of physical withdrawal.  In the beginning she did not have these feelings.  But as time went on she began to feel shaky when she did not drink.  She felt an unease about herself and started to have anxiety.  She believed it was due to life’s stresses such as work and family obligations.  For many people it can be difficult to see that alcohol or drugs is the main problem.  Not necessarily the challenges of everyday life.  But after a severe panic attacked sent her to the hospital and after some tests the doctor informed her that her liver functions were not normal.

The doctor smelled alcohol on her breath and asked her how much she drank.  She now admitted her drinking was out of control. She just didn’t know what to do about it.  If she went without it she felt miserable.  But fortunately her doctor informed her that a medical alcohol detox would be the answer.  The doctor explained the seriousness of alcohol withdrawals.  People can have seizures which can lead to death if not properly treated.  The physician also explained that when someone enters a detox center they will be given medicine that will prevent seizures and provide relief from withdrawal symptoms.

Alcohol Detox Richmond VA Can Be the Answer to Your Concerns

One recent article discusses the conflicts one might encounter when struggling with a drug or alcohol problem.  The good news is that there is an answer and a detox facility can alleviate the many concerns that one may have.  The choice to enter a detox can be so much easier than trying to stop on your own.

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Alcohol Detox Richmond VA. There are dangers without medical treatment!





Alcohol Detox Richmond VA
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