After going into Alcohol Detox in Richmond, this former patient learned one of the most important tools to utilize. How often does someone go into treatment and shortly after leaving they are drinking again?  This is unfortunately a common experience for many who have sought treatment. One very simple key tool to prevent a relapse is to “think the drink through!”

Alcohol Detox in Richmond, think

Thinking it through to prevent relapse and having to enter alcohol detox in Richmond again.

Thinking about drinking for an alcoholic is a normal occurrence.  Throughout the day humans are bombarded with literally thousands of thoughts.  For an alcoholic many of these thoughts will create an internal battle.  So it is often suggested that when this occurs to truly think the drink through.  For example this former patient put this task to work when she was experiencing this internal struggle.  If I choose to drink, it may provide temporary relief but beyond that there are many negative consequences that will inevitably occur.

Taking that first drink for her leads to nothing but problems.  It begins with letting her family and friends down after they supported her throughout her Alcohol Detox in Richmond.  Next, as she thinks the drink through, she realizes that she most likely will not be able to stop at one drink.  Once that happens all bets are off.  She will not be able to keep commitments.  She will begin to make careless decisions such as getting behind the wheel of a car. Moreover, she will say things that she will later regret.

Alcohol Detox in Richmond: Think the Drink Through to prevent a Relapse

A recent story points out the epidemic of alcoholism in our society and how so many people never get treatment. This patient is grateful to have gotten help for her alcoholism by entering Alcohol Detox in Richmond.  Now when she is alone and contemplating a drink she often remembers what she was taught in that treatment center…”think the drink through!”

Alcohol Detox in Richmond: Think the Drink Through
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