Hi. I am alcohol. I take and take.  I do not leave you anything.  I am alcohol and I come in many different ways.  I introduced a lot of you to Drugs, remember?  I make you think you are on top of the world.  And you believe it.  And you drink more.  And I take and take.  I make you believe you can drink.  And you do.  And if you are lucky, you get a DWI-some I kill.  So, my friend, keep drinking.  You will get there one way or another.  I will take your mind.  I will make you sick physically.  I will take your money-all of it.  And I will still tell you it’s alright to drink and drug.  And you will.  People will tell you to go to A.A. but you don’t need that.  You need me-Alcohol.  Why stop now?  People will tell you to believe in God.  You don’t need that.  You need me-I am Alcohol, and Drugs is my friend.  When people tell you that you have a disease-alcoholism-I am the one who tells me you don’t.  So, you can still drink and drug.  And I will make you sicker and sicker.  I am everywhere.  I am the biggest liar in the world.  And I kill.  I, and only I. And I want to take credit for all DWI’s.  And most of the murders.  And most of the divorces and abuse.  But, please don’t let this bother you.  Keep drinking.  I will get you.  I am waiting patiently for you.   And I will give you more pain and misery than you can handle.  Who am I?  I take and take until you have no more.  I am Alcohol and Drugs is my friend.



-By Danny Kimball-

I am Alcohol and Drugs is My Friend
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