Alcohol Rehab in VA:  Emotions

Emotions are not always pleasant to feel.  Many people use their gambling addiction to either avoid or enhance certain feelings.   Any addict will need to learn how to work through emotions in order to get better.  A recent article discusses the benefits of treatment and how it is the beginning of learning a new way of life.

Feelings happen for reasons and it is important to understand that. One reason is that emotions help communicate that a person is in danger.  Another reason is that they help you realize when you are mistreated.  They will also tell you when a need is not being met.  So, it is helpful to accept them for what they are.  Doing this will help to problem solve and improve the way you handle life’s challenges.

There are also many false beliefs when it comes to interpreting how we feel.  For instance, many people believe that they should not be feeling a certain way or that their feelings are wrong.  This idea is far from the truth.  It is also important to reject the idea that showing how you feel is a sign of weakness or that people will use how you feel against you.  No one should worry that those ideas are true.

Alcohol Rehab in VA: Learn How to Cope with your Emotions!

There are certain steps when it comes to handing any emotion.  First, a person should identify what the feeling is. Then, one should own the emotion and give it attention.  This is most likely different from the way we used to deal with them.

Lastly, it is critical to realize it is not the event that causes a certain feeling.  It is rather how one interprets the event.  So, for example, a driver cuts you off in traffic.  You may feel angry and want to shout or cut him off yourself.  But, the facts may not support the circumstance.  Let’s suppose the person had a sick child in the back seat of the car and was rushing to the hospital to get medical attention.  If we knew the real circumstances we would understand why they cut us off in the first place.  It is very easy to look at something in the wrong way.  This is why we need to be aware that jumping to conclusions can be harmful.

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Alcohol Rehab in VA: Emotions. Learn how to Better Manage your Feelings!

So, a person will need to practice these techniques in order to improve the way they manage their emotions.  This is something that will take time to learn.   But, if you are willing to change your life will get better because of your efforts to try a new way to deal with your feelings!