Alcohol Rehab in Virginia and Managing Catastrophic Events.

Some people in recovery will claim that if something catastrophic happens in their lives then they will be destined to relapse.  For instance, if my wife or husband leaves me then I will definitely drink or use drugs.  For others the catastrophic event might be a death in the family or getting fired from a job.  One thing for sure is that if a person’s desire to remain sober is conditional then they will use eventually.

So, let’s discuss whether the catastrophic events are legitimate or just excuses.  The fact of the matter is that bad things will happen in a person’s life.  There is a lot of tragedy, a lot of disappointments and unexpected expenses that will undoubtedly occur.  These things happen to all people. While they can be challenging, people do get through these situations without drinking or drugging.  If an addict chooses to relapse over such events then they really are making excuses to use.

The point here is not to set yourself up for a relapse.  Addicts could use for many other reasons too.  For example, they might use drugs or alcohol help them sleep, be social, or to reduce anxiety.  They might even think they are a better parent when under the influence of drugs.  Maybe they believe they have more patience with their children or that they have more energy to do things with them.  But the reality is that when a parent or loved one is using around children there is so much potential for harm.   A recent article discusses the results of a person in active addiction and the affects it has on their children.

Alcohol Rehab in Virginia and Managing Catastrophic Events,empowerment

Alcohol Rehab in Virginia and Managing Catastrophic Events. Create a habit of not using for your children!

Getting Through Life’s Challenges Without Using Drugs Will Make You Stronger!

The key to remaining sober is to accept the reality that you do not have to use to get through the problems you may face.  Experiencing these emotions can be very unpleasant but the feelings will go away.  Life has its ups and downs. The tricky thing about using drugs to get through a bad situation is that it may seem to help initially.  But the truth is it really is a temporary solution because when a person sobers up the person the feelings will be worse!.  So develop a habit of not using and you will gain more strength as you successfully get through each twist that life may present to you.


Alcohol Rehab in Virginia and Managing Catastrophic Events
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