Alcohol treatment centers help build a foundation for living sober.  These programs focus on several concepts. One of them is changing the way we think.  Just by changing our words can go a long way.  Remember addiction is a thinking disease.

Many patients wonder how they will stop using forever.  Forever is quite a task to accomplish.  Let’s change how we think about this.  Instead of not drinking forever think about not drinking for one day.  This idea seems to make this goal much more manageable.  It can be applied to other daunting tasks.  For instance, if someone has a big list of things to accomplish it can be overwhelming.  By focusing on just the top three items can reduce stress.  In other words break down large goals into smaller more achievable ones.

Alcohol Treatment Centers encourage you to change the way you think.

Changing our thinking can also be useful when we communicate with others.  Loved ones often say to their partner “you need to” stop drinking.  As a husband I hated it when my wife told me I “needed” to do something.  If she had changed her message to… it would be a “good choice” to stop drinking then I think the idea would have been more appealing.  It would have been much less of a threat in my mind.

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Change your thought bubble!

For a person in recovery words can make a world of difference.  Many addicts view things in an all or nothing way.  A recent article discusses the benefits of “grey” thinking and changing our language can be beneficial.  For example, one might say,”I am a bad person”.  It’s hard to believe that someone is bad all of the time.  But it is reasonable to think that the person made “some bad decisions”.  One might think going to a meeting is just going to be “awful”.  In contrast,  saying going to a meeting is “highly undesirable” lessons the severity of the idea.

So, let’s break negative patterns of thinking and start practicing a new way of looking at things.  It certainly can make a difference in your recovery.  Give it a try.  You have nothing to lose!










Alcohol Treatment Centers: The Words We Use
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