Once someone enters an Alcohol Treatment Facility there will be issues to address once leaving.  One of the main issues is what to say to people about the fact that you no longer drink.  For many people this can be a challenging and awkward situation.  One former patient discusses his experiences when encountering such moments.

Attending his first wedding in sobriety brought on a host of worries.  There would be a toast at some point as well as much drinking in general.  The wine and other drinking glasses were right in front of him.  But there was a simple solution.  He asked the wait staff to remove the glasses and he simply asked for a water.  When it came time for the toast he raised his water glass and took a sip.  No one seemed to notice.  He worried so much and really for no reason.

Alcohol Treatment Facility: It’s Important to be Honest About Your Addiction!

There were people though who asked why he was not drinking.  His patented answer was that he was driving and that his doctor told him not to mix alcohol with his medication.  If someone pushed the issue he planned to say that he didn’t want to bore people with his health problems.  Most people would accept that answer.  One close friend did insist on why he was not drinking.  In this instance he was very direct stating that his drinking caused way too many problems and it was best for him to be abstinent.  One recent article discusses seven ways to answer to people who ask why you are not drinking.

An alcohol treatment facility is a place where one can discuss the many issues that will come up in early sobriety.  Counselors, doctors, therapists and even patients will give good feedback to the various issues one is bound to encounter once they leave treatment.  Of course there will always be things that we cannot anticipate but the more sobriety you have under your belt the easier these situations will be.  Attending 12 step meetings on a regular basis and finding a sponsor to help guide you will also be key in getting through the unknown.  Whatever happens just say no, do not pick up that first drink and you will be okay!

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Alcohol Treatment Facility: Just Say NO and Don’t Pick up that First Drink!



Alcohol Treatment Facility: How to Tell People You Don’t Drink
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