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Addiction often results in avoidance and isolation. Family members may ask about uncommon behaviors. Behaviors, such as, a lack of interaction or excuses.  Some of which might include not feeling well, having a bad day, or that you are busy. Furthermore, loved ones asking about your daily activities can create irritability or mistrust.  This is true because let’s face it; addicts are usually irritable and defensive. However, family traditions can cause avoidance and isolation because they become scheduled events that everyone expects to take place. Examples of family traditions include Easter and Thanksgiving meals, Christmas Day activities, and birthdays.

How about if you start a weekly family tradition as part of your recovery? Choose something fun.  It can be as simple as a game night or as complex as shopping for groceries and making a dinner together.  Also it could be something in between (my family takes turns every Tuesday hosting dinner or snacks). The goal is to create a habit.  One that is an expected event, on a specific day, at a specific time, every week. So, having a weekly activity with family means you are interacting and communicating with each other. In addition, this means that you’re more likely to remain sober.

Alcohol Treatment Help Virginia: Use Your Family to Stay Sober!

The thing about family bonds is that they are life long and timeless. No matter what time period you examine, the importance of family is as notable as anything specific to that period of history.

Using Family is as relatvent to Alcohol Rehab in VA as it was in Roman Times

Image of a Roman family circa 250 A.D

Communication is key! Consider sharing triggers and warning signs with family members. Moreover, it is impo talk about how they can show support during your time together. Then create an intervention plan in case there is concern of relapse. So, along with stronger connections and a weekly tradition with family means isolation is less likely and avoidance is difficult. And that’s what you want in recovery, isn’t it?

Riley Blankinship, miner, with his children. Kopperston, Wyoming County, W.VA, 1946.

Alcohol Treatment Help Virginia: Use Your Family to Stay Sober!
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