When a person is drinking it is more likely that he or she will exhibit behaviors that are not typical when they are sober.  Alcohol often causes a person to make poor choices.  Unfortunately, these choices and behaviors can lead to violence.  A person who gets drunk will sometimes blackout and not remember what happened while he or she was drinking.  Often, their friends will tell them what happened and the person will be shocked and/or perplexed at what they did.  At other times, they will have a memory of erratic behavior and will not understand why they acted that way.

So, plain and simply put, the only truthful way to avoid having these aggressive encounters is to not drink.  But, someone who drinks might have many excuses to keep drinking.  In fact, he or she might blame others for their drinking.  For example, the person could think that if people were not so irritating to be around then they wouldn’t have to drink.  Or if you had my life you would drink too.  Moreover, they might even claim that it’s someone else’s fault they got so drunk and acted so savagely.  It’s like the person who gets the DUI and criticizes the police for their legal troubles.

It’s Time to Take Responsibility for Your Behavior!

Then there is the person who claims that their violent behavior was an isolated event and there is no way it will happen again.  He or she might rationalize about such incidents and try to point out all of the good that they do. Therefore, ignoring and not taking responsibility for their negative actions.  This is all part of addictive thinking patterns and points to the irrational thinking of an active drinker.

A recent article discusses the unpredictability of a person who drinks and the harm it can cause others.  So, however you may rationalize your behavior when drunk, remember that it impacts the people around you.  Furthermore, when a person does not drink they can make good behavior choices and behave appropriately.  Not to mention, he or she will now live a life that is guilt free and one that does not harm those they love.

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Recovery Gives You a Chance to Live Without Regrets!

Alcoholism and Violence
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