When this former patient was 14 years old he drank for the first time. This experience would be the beginning to a life of poor choices and unhealthy living. The young teen quickly fell prey to alcohol.  Most would argue that experimenting is a part of growing up.  But, when alcohol becomes addictive and a priority for a child in their developing years then he or she is sure to take a big hit on their well-being.

It is almost predictable with what will happen to those who at a young age allow drinking to be the main focus on one’s life. Drinking usually starts out as a once a week thing or even once a month.  Next, it’s every weekend and then before they know it drinking occurs whenever possible.

Parents and Teachers are Usually the First Ones to Notice a Change!

The next phase is a change in attitude.  Parents or teachers usually are the first ones to notice this change.  Maybe a slip in grades or lack of effort towards basic things that used to be a “given”.  For instance, cleaning a bedroom, waking up on time or taking care of one’s appearance.  Other things begin to change as well.  A child’s behavior becomes riskier.  They begin to push the limits and have a belief that they are invincible.  This feeling might also push them to try other substances.  One former patient indicated that he never would have tried marijuana or cocaine but that the alcohol buzz gave him the courage to do something that normally in his right mind he never would have done.  Later on, in his years of abuse this would also be true for trying heroin for the first time.

So, for those who think experimenting with alcohol is a part of growing up, maybe it shouldn’t be.  You just never know when something so innocent can turn into a life of misery!

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