Alcoholism Treatment Center Saved this Young Man’s Life!

At the age of twenty four years old this former patient was on the verge of death.  But after spending twenty eight  days in a treatment center for alcoholism he is now living a life second to none.  There are countless other people who get help and turn their lives around.

So, at the age of fourteen this former patient picked up drinking for the first time.  He never would have dreamed that ten years later he would be in the hospital because of alcohol.  The younger days drinking for him started out as a real fun time.  But by the age of eighteen he was drinking daily.  In addition, he started blacking out regularly and forgetting what happened the night before.  Often times he would wake up in the morning and have a bad feeling that something terrible happened during his blackout.  Unfortunately, this would be the case.  His friends would tell him that he got very angry at them and made a total fool of himself.

He had a number of people tell him that they were concerned that he had a drinking problem.  At first this made him angry but after time he realized that they were right.  He did not know how to stop drinking.  He tried to quit and wound up in the hospital suffering from a seizure due to alcohol withdrawal.  Now after this scare, at the age of twenty four, he decided to seek treatment for his alcoholism.

There are Countless People Who Recover from Alcoholism and Turn Their Lives Around.

The Alcoholism Treatment Center taught him that he did not have to drink to enjoy life.  They brought him to Alcoholics Anonymous meetings regularly.  There, he heard stories of hope.  His treatment team encouraged him to attend more meetings once he finished the 28 day program.  That is exactly what he did.  Also, he saw a therapist, got an AA sponsor and did not drink one day at a time.  Twenty-four years later he is still clean and sober.  A recent article  demonstrates the miracle that can happen to people when they quit drinking.  Now it is your turn to live the dream of sobriety!

Alcoholism Treatment Center Saved this Young Man's Life, miracle

Alcoholism Treatment Center Saved this Young Man’s Life. Are you ready to live the miracle of recovery?


Alcoholism Treatment Center Saved this Young Man’s Life
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