Getting a DUI was the last straw for this drunk who decided to enter an Alcoholism Treatment Center.  Driving down the road was a blur for this man.  Even with the blaring sirens and blinding lights in his rear view mirror he still couldn’t shake out of the fog he was in.  A recent article  highlights the consequence of  drunk driving.  Some people are fortunate enough to not have killed someone with their choice to drive drunk.  While others have faced the ultimate nightmare.  How many times have you driven under the influence?  You better think twice the next time you get behind the wheel while drunk!

Alcoholism Treatment: Tools to Use, stop

Alcoholism Treatment Center: Get help before you get arrested!

He woke up in a hospital bed the next day with paperwork of his arrest nearby.  What had happened he wondered as a rush of bad feelings pierced through his body.  The nurse came in the room and indicated he was lucky to just have gotten arrested and not to have injured anyone.  This is when he decided he wanted help.

Alcoholism Treatment Center: Learn to Live Sober.

After a 30 day in patient program this alcoholic learned the most effective tools to help him stay sober. Some of the tools suggested were to attend ninety 12 step meetings in ninety days, get a sponsor and he should call that sponsor regularly.  He also was told to get a home group and become active in the program by making coffee or helping to set up chairs before the meeting.  Other recommendations were to take it one day at a time and to think the drink through.  In other words focus on all the negative consequences if he chooses to drink.  It was also advised that he talk to someone if he was having thoughts about drinking.  Lastly and most importantly, he was told that no matter what happens just don’t drink!

Entering that alcoholism treatment center was the best decision he had ever made.  It enabled him to detox as well as learn how not to drink one day at a time.


Alcoholism Treatment Center: Tools to Use
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