Alcoholism Treatment Facility:  The Guilt of an Addiction

The guilt that goes along with addiction can be overwhelming.  The guilt started out in high school for this former addict.  He was a standout athlete who never felt good about his accomplishments.  Headlines for him in the local newspapers seemed to fuel his guilt.  His family and friends knew that he drank and used drugs regularly.  They did not though know the extent of his addiction.  He would often use by himself and lie about it.  This type of behavior led him to believe he was a worthless human being.  Things on the outside might have looked okay to some but on the inside his addiction was killing him.

Later in life his addiction would continue to define him as a bad person despite being a very good employee.  A recent article discusses how addiction can tear down the human spirit.  When someone has a drug or alcohol problem they tend to go to any lengths to keep it a secret.  But there will always be times when it’s impossible to cover all of our tracks.  And when we get caught the feelings of shame and remorse are horrible.  It’s similar to a child lying for the first time.  The child knows what they are doing is wrong but believe the alternative is not any better.  This creates a sense of conflict within oneself and all the bad emotions that go along with making such choices.

Alcoholism Treatment Facility: Getting Help Will Be a Relief For You!

The good news is that if we get help and stop our addiction there will be nothing to hide.  This former addict had a great sense of relief when he stopped using.  As he got more recovery time under his belt he started feeling good again about his achievements.  The alcoholism treatment facility helped him understand that he was a good person who suffered from a disease that would tell him otherwise.  He finally felt worthy and good about himself again!

Alcoholism Treatment Facility, The Guilt of an Addiction,feel good again

Alcoholism Treatment Facility: A Sense of Accomplishment!



Alcoholism Treatment Facility: The Guilt of an Addiction
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