Alcoholism Treatment Virginia:  Recovery “Phrases”

Alcoholism treatment centers often take patients to twelve step meetings.  There will be recovery phrases at these meetings that will be inspirational and yes, sometimes corny. But hopefully by attending meetings you will hear things that will motivate you to stay sober and feel good about yourself once again.  One article discusses the best and worst cliches you’ll hear in recovery.

I once heard an Alcoholics Anonymous member say the following phrase while attending a meeting with my patients; “My failures in early recovery were shouted into my hears while my accomplishments were whispered”.   This is so true for anyone early in recovery.  The damage that alcoholism does to one’s self esteem is just devastating.

Some phrases are simple yet so complicated at the same time.  For example, “just don’t drink and go to meetings”. Well that sounds easy but there is a lot of time between the meetings and a lot of time to think about drinking  The point here is that in the beginning it is necessary to go to meetings daily.  Sometimes, if someone has the time,  they go to three meetings a day in early recovery.  The other thing to note here is that if a person doesn’t drink one day at a time they will get better.  But if they are drinking in between meetings their mind, body and spirit will have no chance of healing.

By going on a regular basis you will establish connections with people.  One former patient attended AA meetings regularly and kept hearing one person who he greatly admired say, “if you just don’t drink, you will be okay!”  He needed to hear that daily.  The phrase stuck in his head throughout the day and gave him hope when he was having temptations.  This is the type of connection will help an alcoholic stay sober.

Alcoholism Treatment Virginia: Just Don’t Drink!

Another key phrase often said at meetings is, ” in order to keep it you have to give it away”.  In other words by helping another alcoholic you will be helping yourself stay sober.   Maybe one day you will create your own catch phrase!

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Alcoholism Treatment Virginia: Recovery “Phrases”
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