Anxiety and Rehab Center in Virginia.

Many addicts suffer from anxiety. It can be the result of an addiction or feed into addiction.  If an addict is experiencing anxiety then it will be necessary to seek professional help.  This is important because it will help prevent a relapse from occurring.   Anyone who has experienced anxiety knows the terrible feelings associated with it and how drugs can sometimes temporarily alleviate these symptoms.  But if a person can get treatment for his or her drug addiction and anxiety then they will have a chance of living a healthy life.

Anxiety and Rehab Center Virginia,techniques

Anxiety and Rehab Center in Virginia. Get help to reduce your anxiety.


So let’s talk about what is anxiety. Anxiety is a subjective apprehension or uneasiness causing an emotional reaction and a feeling of loss of control.  There are three types of anxiety.  First, there is situational anxiety when a person might fear being in crowds or public speaking.  The next type of anxiety is avoidance anxiety.  Many people might be able to relate to this as examples could be procrastinating, isolating or having certain phobias such as fear of heights. Lastly, there is just having the thought of something that can cause anxiety.  For instance, thinking about money troubles, starting school, answering the phone or going to the store can cause this type of anxiety.

These different types of anxiety will cause physical symptoms. Some examples are sweating, hot flashes, increased heart rate or blood pressure.  When an addict experiences these physical symptoms he or she might want to drink or use drugs to avoid these feelings.  This type of reaction will only continue the cycle of anxiety because when a person sobers up these feelings will be present and often tines magnified.  A recent article discusses the effects of drug abuse on the brain and how it will make things worse.

If You Get Help For Your Addiction You Can Reduce Your Anxiety!

But if a person can find meaning and purpose in their lives then progress can be made.  Also utilizing coping skills will help.  One coping skill is refuting thoughts that in a lot of cases are not the whole picture. Moreover, it is also useful to talk to another person about such thoughts. Thought stopping is yet another way to reduce anxiety.  This technique involves using the word “stop” when bad thoughts come into our mind.  These techniques will all help reduce anxiety.

While anxiety and fear are real it is often necessary to get support to combat these feelings.  Whether you choose professional help or the help of a loved, this support will enable you to make progress.  One thing for sure to remember is that these feelings are normal.  They often keep people safe  But they will pass and if you eliminate your drug and alcohol abuse you will be on the road to recovery!





Anxiety and Rehab Center in Virginia
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