High Level Of Individual Therapy

One thing that’s very unique about Williamsville Wellness, is the way we provide a high level of individual therapy. And we’ve heard from a lot of folks who’ve gone to other treatment centers. Some of them are well known, and highly reputable.

They’re pretty much receiving a lot of group therapy all day, and there might be a predominant focus on 12 step approaches.

So, while we incorporate 12 step approaches in our treatment, it’s not our primary mode of treatment. The patient is in groups here, small groups, but typically they have three individual sessions each day, with a team of clinicians.

So just out of the gate, within a few days, they get more treatment here at Williamsville, than they would in a lot of treatment centers for 28 days. I hear that all the time.

In three days here they get about nine individual sessions. They’ve already exceeded what they had done somewhere else.

Our Treatment Program Is Individualized

Williamsville Wellness has a small facility, and we are able to give everybody the attention they need, and also individualize their treatment program. So that it specializes in what they need, and what’s going to help them the most.

They get to work with multiple therapists here, that all have different therapeutic techniques. So that they’re able to work on whatever issue that it is, in the best way possible.

It’s very fulfilling to see someone come to our program, in a lot of ways, broken and beaten. Even a lot of times, we kind of see this image of someone who just feels so defeated.

And I love watching this process of people surprising themselves, and seeing what they’re truly capable of doing. How they can potentially carry that into their life when they leave here.

It’s exciting. It’s exciting to watch people who don’t know how to change their life, learn the tools and the skills they need, to put their addiction behind them. Learn a plan for recovery management. What’s really exciting for me is, these are people that are going to enjoy their families. Sometimes again, sometimes for the first time, really be present.

And that’s exciting.

Because when you can help one person change, they affect others, they impact other people, their family members. Many of the folks who have come through Williamsville Wellness are now helping other people with addictions get better, get healthy. It’s beautiful.

Why Williamsville Wellness Offers the Best Care in the Industry
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