Are you addicted to a state of mind?

We experience different states of consciousness every day. At work, we must stay “on,” stay focused, respond carefully, etc. At home, we like to “zone out,” to not be “on,” to relax. We also all enjoy a different state of consciousness: sleep.

But at other times, many of us also like something very different from both our “on,” focused, responsible state. Some chemicals and activities help us achieve that state, e.g., alcohol, skiing, sex, internet gaming, dancing, etc. For many people, these result in wonderful states of consciousness, and they manage not to overdo them or get addicted to them. But supposing you are not so lucky and become dependent or addicted.

  1.  Accept the gap.
  2.  Set goals.
  3.  Do what is good for you.
  4.  Expect down times.

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