Oh, how life’s pressures can get to us!  Let’s say that your daily life has been going smoothly and then all of a sudden, BAM!!  You have an emergency.  At this point, your thoughts are racing and your heart pumping.  Your dilemma might be anything from a traffic jam to the death of a loved one.  Somehow, you have to manage your reaction to the event, because at first, you feel paralyzed.  So much so, that everything else in your life takes a back seat.

Dealing with life’s difficulties in recovery can be a very challenging experience.  It can be a time when a person is most vulnerable to relapsing.  In these cases, 12-step programs stress the importance of connecting with others.  It is often said that a problem shared is a problem cut in half.  So having supportive friends can certainly help identify and alleviate the stark emotions that come up when faced with extreme challenges.

A Person Should Be Optimistic and Focus on What He or She Can Control!

A recent article discusses how a bomb disposal expert handles the pressure of the job.  Not all of us can relate to this kind of pressure, but the article gives some terrific tips that will help anyone in a time of despair.  The reading points out three tips to stay calm.  The first is to do a threat assessment and think about a situation that you have handled, or someone you know who has experienced a similar situation.  Often, we will come up with a solution to the most stressful situations.  Next, a person should be optimistic and concentrate on what he or she can control.  Lastly, one should take it one step at a time and if you need to ask for help, contact someone.

The tips the article reviews are very like what is taught in 12-step programs.  This type of prescription is universal – even experts in the field of crisis management use these methods to get through life’s challenges.  So, the next time you are in a jam remember to put these suggestions to effective use to help you work through whatever you are experiencing!

How to Stay Calm Under Pressure, tips

How to Stay Calm Under Pressure. This is how a lot of people try to resolve problems. Definitely not a way to handle things!


How to Stay Calm Under Pressure
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