We have all heard the stories of celebrities throwing wild parties, getting drunk and getting into trouble.  You’ve probably seen the mugshots.  We’d like to give a shout out to celebrities who have chosen not to drink, because we don’t hear about these nearly enough!  So let’s raise a glass of iced tea to the following famous people who do not drink alcohol.  Everyone from sports stars, actors/actresses, musicians, comedians and politicians, the people on this list have either never taken a drink at all, or made the choice to abstain.

Blake Lively has never touched a drop of alcohol

Eric Clapton

Jim Carrey

Shania Twain doesn’t drink or do drugs. She’s also a vegetarian.


Jennifer Lopez

Daniel Radcliffe

Bruce Willis

Robert Downey, Jr.

Sarah Silverman

Tyra Banks

Bradley Cooper

David Beckham

Tobey Maguire

Jennifer Hudson has never had a drink.

Tim McGraw

Donald Trump

Christiano Renaldo

Brett Favre

Charles Barkley

Joe Namath

One article discusses how President Trump does not drink.  The article also pokes fun of him but at the same time tells about the serious reason why he chooses not to drink and the fact that he lost his brother to alcoholism. Let’s give all these folks a lot of credit considering how often there is alcohol in their work settings!

Famous People Who Do Not Drink
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