Whether you are young or old, once you get into recovery you will have to make a lot of changes.  One of the most difficult challenges is what to do about your old friends.  Do you still hang out with them?  Well, I suppose it depends on whether or not they will support your recovery.  But, be cautious as in the beginning your friends might be supportive and then as time goes on they might not be.  Some people will understand your new way of life yet others may not have a clue.

One former patient sought treatment after having a seizure from abusing drugs.  She spent 28 days in an inpatient drug facility.  Once she got out she decided to spend time with an old childhood friend.  Her friend picked her up and when she got in the car she noticed a bag of marijuana on the seat.  Surely, her friend would realize that smoking weed was not okay.  Obviously, she did not.  So, needless to say the former patient stayed away from that friend for awhile.  In fact, she decided to stay away from all of her old friends until she could figure out who would be a true friend.

The reason people suggest to stay away from old friends is that they may put your sobriety in jeopardy.  This was certainly evident in the last example.  One article  discusses making friends in sobriety.   There are though, those friends who will be on your side.  For instance, they would never think of drinking or drugging around you.  They might even want to attend a 12-step meeting with you and ask you questions about your addiction.  These are the folks who you will want to be a part of your life.

Always Be on Guard as You Never Know Who Might Get You Off the Right Track!

Normally, those friends who are still part of the party scene will eventually drift off and you will never hear from them again.  Unless of course they seek you out for help at a later date.  Whatever you choose to do, always be on guard as you never know who might get you off the right track!

Recovery and Hanging Out With Old Friends, support

Recovery and Hanging Out With Old Friends. Who is your true friend?


Recovery and Hanging Out With Old Friends
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