Compulsive Gambling Inpatient-Boundaries

For an addict simply stopping your gambling addiction is not enough.  A person in real recovery must do more than that, otherwise they are bound to return to old habits.  This is why it is important to have boundaries.  Because without them there would be no order.  More importantly, they keep us safe.  Think about reasons why we have stop lights, stop signs and laws.  If they did not exist our society would have utter chaos!  So gambling addicts must have boundaries too in order to live a normal life without their own chaos.

A boundary can be described as a limit or edge that separates us.  There are 2 kinds of boundaries.  

  1. Interpersonal
  2. Personal
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Compulsive Gambling In Patient: Boundaries Must be Created in Order to Recover!

Interpersonal consists of physical/external boundaries.  For instance, personal space keeps us safe. The idea that good fences make good neighbors is a very rational thought.  We need to focus on what we can control and not what we cannot control.  We can control that fence!  Now some people think if they set a boundary then they might be rejected. This is not a healthy way to view this idea.  Boundaries empower us.  More important to realize is that if I am honoring your boundaries then I am respecting you and vice versa.

Sometimes though we need to set limits when it comes to boundaries.  So if we help someone too much then it can be harmful.  For example, if you “give” a man a fish he can live for a day but if you “teach” a man to fish he can live forever! Moreover, often times our families want to talk you into changing your addictive behaviors….consequences are really the only things that will change behaviors.  But there is a debate on how to help those struggling.  So there must be clear expectations when it comes to creating that line in the sand if we are to be successful.   A recent article  discusses the need for more treatment for those who are willing to seek help..  

Compulsive Gambling Inpatient Treatment Will Help You Develop Boundaries.

As mentioned earlier just stopping gambling is not enough.   Personal boundaries are critical to changing the way we live in recovery.  So our core values must change.  For instance, one will need to have integrity to live a healthy lifestyle.  Integrity is really how we live with when no one is looking.  One cannot feel free nor have self control if they do not have core values.  Recovery is a returning to those values.  Try it and you will reap the benefits of this new way of life.

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