Compulsive Gambling Inpatient Treatment.  Addiction is a Thinking Disease

You are driving down the road and someone cuts in front of you.  What would your reaction be?  Some people would scream at the driver or throw out some hand gestures.  Others would steam roll ahead and tail gate that driver.  Most people would speed up and cut that person off just as he or she did to us.  Our initial thoughts about that driver might be that person is a jerk or idiot!  Do we really know what is going with someone that causes them to drive like a maniac? We may think so.  But the reality could be that the person is rushing to the emergency room with their daughter in the back seat with a cracked skull.  This scenario certainly points out the problem with our ‘natural” thought patterns.

Compulsive Gambling Inpatient Treatment will teach Healthy Thinking to You!

This is why as recovering addicts will need to pay attention to any activating events, our beliefs about these events and the consequences we choose.  For instance, we get fired from a job.  Getting fired is the activating event.  Our “irrational” belief might be that we will never be able to find a job again.  Therefore, we might choose to gamble over this incident.  So focusing on disputing our beliefs is very helpful to making better choices.  A recent article discusses how this disease is treatable.

Treatment Centers for Alcohol Addiction. Alcoholism is a Thinking Disease,reflect

Compulsive Gambling Inpatient Treatment. Sometimes it’s Helpful to Take a Moment to Reflect Before Taking Action.

Also, it will be useful at times to talk with someone else about our thoughts.  We may need another person’s point of view to put things in perspective.  So, the next time you are driving down the road remember what Treatment Centers for alcohol addiction taught you.  Your thinking could be off a little and it is worthwhile to take a moment to ponder all of the different things that could be happening in your world!  Someone’s troubles may be unknown to you.  Don’t let your irrational thoughts lead you to drink!

Compulsive Gambling Inpatient Treatment. Addiction is a Thinking Disease
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