Compulsive Gambling Stories come in many forms.

If you or someone you know has a gambling addiction then you might have experienced some of the insane things that have occurred due to gambling.

A compulsive gambler is not a bad person.  But, he or she often chooses poor behavior when their gambling is out of control. So, what does out of control look like?  It comes in many forms. It can vary from person to person.

One former patient would get angry at his wife for turning the furnace up a few degrees.  In his mind, she was wasting money. All she had to do was throw on a sweater, right?

Yet, at the same time he would gamble away thousands of dollars a month!  He would often have “temper” tantrums over the smallest things.  Although it seemed like he kept up with the bills he was draining their retirement account.  His gambling was causing him to act very irrational.

Gambling Can Cause Crazy Thoughts and Behaviors!

Another addict would stoop as low as stealing money from her child’s piggy bank.  There were also times when she would not put gas in the car to “save” money and then would walk to the store to buy scratch tickets.

Things got so bad that she would gamble away the grocery money and ask friends if her daughter could eat a meal with them. It was not uncommon for her to ask this of her parents.

Other addicts sell food stamps to get money, while others will shoplift or even take from the company that they work for.

For some gamblers spending half their paycheck may be out of control for them.  For others it might be winning $500 and then gambling away $400.  Just having extreme emotions or not being fully present because of gambling, can be out of control.

So, whatever the threshold is for you please realize that if you do not get help you might do things that you never thought in a million years you would do, all in the name of gambling!

The following depicts one addicts experience and how he overcame his gambling addiction.  He woke up in the hotel of the casino.  As he leaned over he spots several ATM receipts on the nearby coffee table.

He did not know exactly how much money he had gambled away the night before.  Picking through each receipt, he starts adding checking account receipts and cash advance receipts from his credit card.  Before long he realizes he had gambled away over $4000.00.

“I did it again!” he exclaimed.  Sadly, this is a typical story of many people who gamble excessively.  A recent article discusses the alarming amount of money Americans gamble away each year.

The answer was clear, he needed treatment for his gambling addiction. He was ready to stop the madness.

By attending a 30-day inpatient program at Williamsville Wellness this gambling addict learned the most effective, treasured tools on how to cure a gambling addiction.

Some of the tools suggested were:

Attend ninety 12-step meetings in ninety days.
Get a sponsor (and call that sponsor regularly).
Get a home group and become active in the program by making coffee or helping to set up chairs before the meeting.

Other recommendations that people gave to him were:

Take it one day at a time
Think the first bet through (in other words what will all the negative consequences be if I choose to gamble).
Work the 12-steps.
Talk to someone you ares having thoughts about gambling.
Most importantly, no matter what, just don’t make that first bet!

How to cure a gambling addiction was what he learned when he chose to seek help.

Now, he no longer had to wake up and wonder how much money he had spent the night before.  He would not have that hopeless feeling he had experienced so many times.  He was on the road to recovery!

This was the best decision this gambling addict ever made.  It enabled him to not gamble one day at a time.


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March is Gambling Awareness Month. Compulsive Gambling Stories end with money down the drain!  The stories never change!!


Compulsive Gambling Stories and Stopping the Madness
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