Once someone becomes a compulsive gambler they are in a world of hurt.  They torment themselves as well as everyone else who cares for them.   A compulsive gambling disease is not an easy thing to overcome.  But it can be done if one is willing to seek help!

Too many gamblers need help, but their pride won’t let them ask for it.  Often the compulsive gambler spends money well above their means and he or she believes that a comeback is inevitable.  But, as it goes chasing that big win only puts one into more debt.  The debt that a person incurs can be embarrassing and debilitating.  So, in order to move forward a person’s pride needs to be put in its place.  One former patient caused so much chaos in his life from gambling. He spent so much time gambling and he ignored his family’s needs. He missed special occasions all due to his gambling addiction.  Loved ones saw what was happening and they watched his compulsive gambling get out of control.

In order to Move Forward a Person Needs to Put Pride in Its Place!

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Don’t Let Your Pride Prevent You from getting Help!

They offered him help several times in a kind and caring manner .  He just didn’t see the point…he could do it on his own.  His loved ones certainly did not  want to hear that he could do it on his own as they witnessed on a number of occasions that this approach was not working.  His family no longer welcomed him into their home.   Thus, he began to feel extremely isolated. He now had a change of heart about getting help.  He had lost himself in his addiction and was about to lose his family too.

So, he swallowed his pride and decided it was time to end the misery and get help for his gambling addiction.  As a result of asking for help, he had lifted a huge burden that he had been carrying for years.  Unfortunately, many gamblers end up losing everything from hard earned money to the closest relationships developed over a lifetime. One recent article discusses the awful aspects of gambling and how the isolation can ruin a person and make them so unstable. It is quite evident that gambling was a part of this terrible tragedy in Las Vegas just weeks ago

But the addict can make things right if they are willing to enter a gambling rehab or get some other form of treatment.  The key is to be willing to take action to change a way of life that has not been working. Treatment is a step towards making that change.

Compulsive Gambling Treatment Centers and Pride
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