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Breaking the trigger-thought-craving-use- process and how to deal with a gambling addiction.    First one must understand that there is a common process that leads up to a gambling relapse.  It starts with a trigger (e.g. – a person, object, feeling or a time of day), which leads to the thought of gambling that can cause a craving, which eventually will lead to a gambling relapse.

The key to preventing a relapse is to stop the “thought” before it leads to a craving.  So, for instance, an addict might experience a trigger such as cashing one’s payroll check.  This trigger may create a thought or several thoughts about gambling.  It is imperative at this point for the gambling addict to stop this thought process.  Do this before it starts causing cravings which most likely will lead to another gambling relapse.  One way to interrupt these thoughts is by thinking the thought to gamble through.  For example, what will happen if I choose to gamble?  My family will certainly be disappointed in me, I might turn to stealing and get arrested to make up for gambling losses which in turn may result in losing the custody of a child, etc.  There are a number of potential negative outcomes which could result of returning to a gambling addiction.

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Compulsive Gambling Treatment Centers: Break the Cycle of Addiction!

Compulsive Gambling Treatment Centers: How to Break the Trigger, Thought, Craving and Use Cycle

Another manner to break this thought to gamble is to call a supportive person in your life, whether it be a spouse, family member, friend or another person who has been abstinent from gambling .  Going for a walk might be another technique to break this cycle.

Find at least one technique to stop this negative thought process, otherwise, the awful cycle of your gambling addiction will surely turn your life upside once again.

Compulsive Gambling Treatment Centers: How to Prevent the the next Big Gambling Loss
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