Written by: Leah Roberts

“With everything that has happened to you, you can either feel sorry for yourself or treat what has happened as a gift. Everything is either an opportunity to grow or an obstacle to keep you from growing. You get to choose.” – Dr. Wayne W Dyer

Confidence is defined as the belief in oneself and one’s abilities. As addicts in recovery, we are aware of the importance of Confidence in our recovery process. Especially those of us who are in treatment, or have been in treatment. We understand that being confident in ourselves and our ability to stay strong and recover, is a huge tool in these programs.

So we chose Confidence, as well as Positivity (which will be discussed in a different article) as our Monthly Theme for May!

We are here to help you through your recovery as much as possible. We certainly understand the importance of staying confident in yourself, in your ability to stay sober, and your strength to stay sober.

In this article we want to take the time to discuss why it is important to have confidence in yourself, and in your sobriety, as well as some ways you can journal to increase this lost confidence.

Why is Confidence important?

Now, when we say Confident, we simply mean being self-assured, self-sufficient, and self-reliant. There is a world’s difference between being confident, and being conceited; between self-assurance and self-important.

Staying sober requires building confidence in yourself that you can believe in yourself to remain sober, get through your steps by working hard, and rely on your own strength and ability to resist relapse. Confidence is the key to remaining sober. Without the self-assurance that your strength and sheer willpower is enough to resist relapse, what else is there?

What are some ways you can remain confident?

If you are struggling with believing in yourself enough to stay sober, or find the strength, here are a few easy tips you can do to work on getting that confidence back:


One of the best ways to boost your confidence in recovery is, of course, through your recovery journal. Here are a couple writing prompts you can utilize in writing to find your confidence:

Name 3 things you are great at and why?

Reminding yourself of your skills can be so important for our recovery, no matter how often, or not so, these skills are used in your every day life. Sometimes the constant reminder that we are good people, with greatness to offer, is necessary in this difficult journey.

We need a confidence boost too, just as everyone does. We often find as we go through the process and the steps, that we can get beaten down while admitting our wrongs, mistakes, and accepting the past. But we are not meant to swell on those things- the whole point is to let go. Forgive yourself, let go, and move on to create a better you.

What unique qualities do you have that not many others do?

This can be as simple as, “I can surf really well”, or “I am very optimistic”. Think of not only traits that you think you posses that are unique, but also activities or hobbies that have the ability to do that not many others do. Bring yourself up! Again, the whole point of your steps and recovery is to forgive your past and build the foundation to a new and improved you, and future.

Write down 5 traits that define you and why

This is your chance to discover our favorite traits about ourselves. It is okay to think about ourselves and check in with ourselves every once in awhile. Really put some thought into this one. What is it about those traits that you help you through your life and your challenges? What is about those traits that could also be a downfall?

Write about a person who inspires you

Write about this person for a second- your mentor, your sponsor, a parent or loved one. Write about the traits that you admire in them? Now write about why you admire those traits about them. What qualities do you have in common with them? What similarities do you see between the two of you? The goal here is to help shift some of that inspiration and admiration, onto yourself. See that you are someone to look up to as well.

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Writing To Regain Your Confidence in Recovery
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