So, you feel like you have met the person of your dreams. Everything is going along just fine with this new romance until…she explains that she is in recovery.  Recovery from a drug and alcohol addiction.  Oh boy, not what you expected!  With this revelation, you start wondering about your beloved’s past; like how bad was it or could they even have a criminal record? You go from being thrilled about meeting Ms. Right, to wondering about Ms. Sketchy.

Doubt begins to creep in.  Questions arise.   Dating is always be a bit risky, and you might feel the risk factor shoot way up if you decide to date someone with addiction in their past.  The outcome could be a beautiful thing or a disaster, but that risk goes with anything in life.  A new job, moving, buying a new home, or where to go on a vacation; you just never know what is going to happen when you try something new. One article gives one perspective on dating in recovery.  The article discusses that healthy people in recovery have great communication skills and have learned to express their emotions in a sensible way.

Healthy People in Recovery Have Great Communication Skills

Given these points, what can a person expect if he or she chooses to date a person who identifies themselves as an addict or alcoholic?   First, you should make sure that they are in recovery, because if not, then you should stay clear of them.  Next, they should be attending some sort of support group regularly.  Some people go to Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous or some other 12-step program.  They might even choose a church group in lieu of these programs.  Equally important, is that they have a mentor or sponsor in their lives with whom they discuss their recovery.  This is someone who supports their desire to become a better person and stay on the right track. If you sense that the person is serious about their recovery then your relationship has a good chance of going the distance.

What Would to Expect When Dating an Addict, recovery

What to Expect When Dating an Addict. Relationships can be a beautiful thing!




What to Expect When Dating an Addict
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