By Debbi Taylor
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A depression relapse is something that many addicts face along the road to recovery. If you relapse you need to have the mindset that you can get back to where you were when you first started to get well.  Remember this: you are human, and relapse DOES NOT mean failure. If you relapse you need to reach out for help and get back on your program.

Relapse Does Not Mean Failure!

So, it is important that you educate yourself in order to set yourself up for success. Do you feel sad, unmotivated or lonely? These are signs that your depression has returned. This is especially true if your feelings are affecting you at work or in your social life.The American Psychiatric Association (APA) says depression can return in two ways: relapse or recurrence.

Here are some tips for preventing relapse:

1. Use your medication as prescribed by your doctor. Even if you feel fine it is vital to continue taking what your doctor has prescribed. This is especially important during the first six months of treatment. Remember to take your medication as prescribed. If you choose to stop taking your medication contact your doctor immediately.

2. Try Mindful Treatment: Keep a daily diary– One depression trial showed that Mindfulness based cognitive therapy at home helps patients to stay well.

3. Take care of your physical self in addition to your mental self. Exercise, sleep well and eat well. Remember according to the APA exercise is an effective treatment for depression and it doesn’t cost you anything!

4. Decrease and work to eliminate the use of tobacco, alcohol and other dangerous substances.

5. Reach out to family and friends – educating your family and friends on the symptoms of your depression can help you when you do not notice these symptoms returning.

Relapse is something that is common, so you need to put the effort in to be aware of what could be ahead for you.

Pick yourself up and keep going!

How to Handle a Depression Relapse
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