Do I have a gambling problem?  If you are asking this question it is clear that you might have concerns about your gambling.  The nice thing about this is that it is you who has to decide whether it’s a problem or not.  So if you take an honest look at it the answer will be evident.

Recreational gamblers can walk away from the casino once they have reached their limit.  In addition, they do not take big risks in hopes of gaining back losses.  Furthermore, they do not lie about their gambling.  Moreover, the ability to quit or stop comes easily for the casual gambler.

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Do I Have a Gambling Problem? Are slots your weakness?

The obsession or preoccupation with gambling is surely an indication of a problem.  Also, if you are experiencing relationship challenges because of your gambling then it might be time to worry.  If you are taking more time away from work and have financial difficulties then it might be a sign that you are in hot water!

Do I Have a Gambling Problem? This is a Question One Must Answer on His or Her Own!

A recent article highlights the various expenses associated with problem gambling.  Unpaid bills, divorce, and not to mention the psychological costs it has on everyone involved.  One former patient recently expressed what a relief it was to quit gambling.  He went on to say that the stress that goes along with the habit weakens the human spirit and it takes so much energy to conceal all of the negative emotions.  Just admitting he had a problem gave him some comfort that he hadn’t experienced in awhile.  It was the first step to solving his gaming addiction.   Then when he finally got treatment he realized there was a way out of the financial woes he had caused.

So, if you have questioned your gambling habits and can relate to some of the above information it might be worth your while to look into possible ways to get help.  If you have a gambling problem and continue it you will inevitably pay the price of your choice not to get help, guaranteed!

Do I Have a Gambling Problem?
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