Drug Rehab Center Virginia: This former patient struggled to remain clean.  Sober Living was the key to helping this addict stay clean.  After having several in patient stays and detoxes .  The last treatment center had seen him before as he had completed a 30 day program just a few months earlier.  So what would be different this time?  It was highly recommended that once he leaves treatment he should commit to sober living.

Almost any home can be turned into a sober living house.

Almost any home can be turned into a sober living house. Drug Rehab Center Virginia Can Help You to Transition to One!


“What is sober living?” he asked.  There are several sober houses around our nation.  The basic idea is that after completing treatment an individual lives in a house that is typically managed by an organization.   The management ensures that the people living in the home are clean and sober through random drug testing.  It is also mandated that all individuals attend at least five 12 step meetings a week and get a sponsor.  In addition, sober living will require the residents to perform a daily chore and secure employment.  All these responsibilities help provide structure and a daily routine.  A recent article tells of the benefits of sober living.

This addict agreed he would give it a shot after hearing the explanation of what sober living was all about.  It was a pretty clear choice because after the previous treatment centers he would go back to the same living situation (i.e.living alone) and relapse.  It was time to try something different.

Drug Rehab Center Virginia: Try Sober Living

It was not an easy transition as there certainly was an adjustment period.  Living with new people, having to share a living space, answering to a house manager and having a curfew were challenging at times.  But this patient prevailed and soon fell into a daily routine that was reinforcing his need to remain sober.  Before long the obsession to drink and drug had lifted from him.  He finally had some quality sobriety time under his belt.  He was now happy and ready to transition to the next phase of his life.


Drug Rehab Center Virginia: Sober Living
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