In the last year, massive changes have been made to on-line sports betting, particularly with “Fantasy” sport leagues. Positively, nine states have clearly defined gambling under the law, including New York, and one (Texas) has added regulations.

The result is bad for the two big players, Fan Duel and Draft Kings. Their evaluations have dropped almost in half from their peek, and both companies no longer operate in those 9 states. (Fan Duel also ended operations in Texas.)

Looking to pool value and legal expenses, the two major companies are contemplating a merger. This makes enough sense from a business point of view.

The Gambling counselors at Williamsville Wellness do not consider Fantasy sports to be a direct contributor to problem gambling, more like a symptom of an existing problem and a likely source of relapse. Almost all gambling addicts are strongly advised to stop using these services for good, and certainly while in treatment.

It is the same advice as telling an alcoholic to never drink again – for the problem gambler, even a little win is enough to start unhealthy habits that lead to real problems.

“Fantasy” Betting Changes
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