What would you say if I told you about the significant connection between fighting addiction and the law of attraction?


What is LOA (Law Of Attraction)


The Law of Attraction is using left-brain, logical thinking to try shift things – bring them into being by using words, repetition, and images (vision boards etc.).

By altering the association between the memory and the emotion, thereby breaking the negative (or reinforcing the positive) effect of the memory on behavior.

The connection between memories and emotions is well-known. Repeated incidences in our lives create memories and powerful emotional associations.

These are so strong that they create our beliefs about ourselves and about the world.

Using the neuroplasticity of the right brain, there is a far easier way. For example;

if you are scared of spiders, you imagine a spider and then imagine a time when you were happy and relaxed, and switch between these until the emotional charge comes down; or you imagine the spider on a screen and then make it black-and-white, fuzzy etc. All of this is to alter your emotional reaction to something.

With LoA, we are trying to create positive associations with the thing we want, and thereby ‘manifest’ it in our lives – the equivalent of enlarging the ‘spider on the screen’, making it full color, very real and so on.

The problem with these approaches is that if your beliefs about yourself and the world don’t encompass that you are worthy of the things you are trying to manifest, or in the case of an addiction, that you can survive without the substance, you can try the above till you are blue in the face and nothing will change.

Your subconscious just says, ‘you’re lying, I don’t believe you’ – and goes back to sleep.


Breaking Down What Causes Addiction, Through The Law Of Attraction


What I’ve come to understand about addiction is that it really occurs because somebody has found themselves in a lowered vibrational state, probably for a long period of time.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that they are never happy but they may be dealing with depression. Your daily life could also,  easily become less appealing to positively and optimistically contribute to it, if your negativity took priority in thought.

There are plenty of other factors that trigger this for example,

  • they may be dealing with anxiety
  • they may be dealing with childhood issues
  • issues of self-worth
  • issues of self-love
  • dealing with long-term poverty
  • something else that for some reason has them unhappy with themselves

I think if you were to talk to most addicts that these are probably some of the things that you’re gonna find similar with their situation. It is the underlying issue of lack of happiness in a whole.

It is important to know and to understand that with the law of attraction, “you get, what you are”.

So, from a lowered vibrational state, happiness is hard to attract. However, from a powerful place of desire, an addict who is in anguish or a person who’s not yet an addict is in anguish, they ultimately just want to be happy.

They see that other people are happy they see that happiness is possible. there is a type of intuition they can feel in their gut that obtaining their own happiness is possible.

The problem is that because they don’t believe they’re worth it, they also don’t believe that they’re deserving of it. So, they find that they can’t really cultivate it on their own.


Manifesting Happiness with LOA

However, through their powerful wanting through their powerful desire to have happiness they still managed to align with it through drugs and/or alcohol. addicts align themselves with a reality where it’s possible to have the happiness through an outside substance.

Using drugs or alcohol for most addicts is centered around a common goal to alleviate the pain and also, to attempt to experience happiness through that substance. For even just a temporary point in time, they still managed to get it.

They still managed to find a way to attract happiness, it’s almost kind of remarkable when thinking about it, that really all this individual wanted was to be happy. But didn’t believe that they could be happy so they aligned with a reality where they could take certain substances that could make them happy.

Although, when you think about what the problem that occurs with addiction is, the root of this conundrum is a belief that they “don’t deserve to be happy” or that “they can’t have it on their own”, so an addict becomes addicted to the substance because they come to believe that that’s the only way they can be happy.

This is why learning how to become happy on your own and starting to have more faith in your ability to make your own happiness.

Make it your goal when dealing with an addict to see that person as somebody who wants to be happy. See them as somebody who has the ability to be happy and to do your best to shine that knowledge on the other person.


The Law of Attraction and Recovery


Focusing on an optimistic attitude is very important in recovery, but another key component for manifesting the kind of life you want is action. You’ve got to not only think positively, but you’ve got to take positive action toward your goals as well.

Some law of attraction followers simply believe that if they think something up, it will automatically happen, or manifest, but the truth is that your actions must back your thoughts and beliefs up.

For example, if you just sit around and think about staying sober, but you don’t do anything to foster that sobriety like attend meetings, counseling, read books, listen to a positive audio recording, etc., you might not stay sober very long.

The same thing goes for anything, like getting a job, paying your car off, buying a house, etc. If you just think about these things without putting forth some action, you’re far less likely to see them become a reality in your life.


A New Way to Fill the Void


Alcoholics tend to drink to escape a painful reality and try to fill this void or emptiness that is inside them. They drink to dull the pain and sort of entering into a new reality, even though it is temporary.

When they get sober, that emptiness is usually still there, so it is important to begin a new journey toward self-fulfillment and peace.

The law of attraction can help those in recovery by helping them see that happiness is not really outside of them but inside them. Happiness just sort of naturally occurs as recovering alcoholics align themselves with the universe (or God, The Source, Higher Power, Buddha, etc.) and feel as if they are fulfilling their purpose.

It also helps them to take responsibility for their thoughts, life, and actions, which is necessary to really experience a change in life.

You can gain a lot of insight from the Serenity Prayer:


“God grant me the serenity

to accept the things I cannot change;

courage to change the things I can;

and wisdom to know the difference.”


The serenity that you seek can be found when you live a life of purpose without using alcohol or drugs to cloud your mind.

Using the law of attraction, one simple purpose is to align yourself with good thoughts, words, and actions, as this will get some positive momentum going. The law of attraction can certainly help you in many ways.


Accepting The Truth About LOA


The Law of Attraction is very similar to the Law of Gravity. We all know about gravity, and we recognize that we are powerless over it – even while some people try very hard to oppose it in a variety of ways. Gravity has a mind of its own, and there’s really no way we can change it.

The Law of Gravity basically tells us that what goes up, must also come down. If I hold something in my hand – let’s say a pen – and I decided that when I let go of that pen I want it to stay up in the air, as soon as I open my hand that pen will drop to the floor. And there isn’t anything I, or any of us, can do about that.

The Law of Attraction is quite similar. Its message to us is “That which is likened to itself is drawn” – or in simpler terms, like attracts like, whether we want that or not.

And because, like gravity, it is a Universal Law, it will be true whether we accept it or believe it or we don’t. when you choose to accept the truth of this and live your life in accordance with it life becomes easier in making decisions.


How the Law of Attraction Responds to Our Thinking


As many of us know, one of the most extreme ways to become disconnected is through addiction.

Most people hold on tightly to their addictive behaviors because they think that indulging in them will make them feel better. Ultimately, most of us do whatever we’re doing because we think, and hope, that it will make us feel better.

We are just trying to escape from a reality we don’t prefer – and we think that getting high or drunk or feeling some other kind of adrenaline rush on a continual basis will prevent us from having to actually face the reality that life has become an ongoing disappointment.

This is a horrible, hopeless way to live, and yet far more common than most people realize. The number one factor is repair of this issue is lack of knowledge of the law of attraction, and truly understanding ourselves.


Continuing Education On The LOA


If you’re looking for a new perspective on life, just start reading about the Law of Attraction, or listen to some recordings on YouTube.

Do your best to keep an open mind, as some of the teachings may at first be a little difficult to wrap your head around. But if they resonate for you – if they begin to help you make sense of the confusion and negativity you’ve been feeling, perhaps for a long time – then read and listen some more.

If you want to change how you see life, just focus on how you feel inside. Use your emotions as your guide to become happier and to have the life you actually want, addiction-free.

Fighting Addiction Using The Law Of Attraction
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