Gamble Addiction –  Atheists and Agnostics in Recovery

If you have ever attended a twelve step program you certainly have heard how important it is to find a “higher power”.  In addition, many times these groups will open and close a meeting with a prayer, starting with the word God or Lord.  So one might wonder how someone with no belief in such a higher power can be successful in recovery. Believe me there are many members of these groups who are successful in maintaining a long term gambling free life.

One former patient discussed how turned off she was by hearing the “God” word in the rooms of Gamblers Anonymous.  She was not alone as my experience working with addicts has proven there are many people with the same struggles.  The key to attending meetings is to find someone who will not judge you.  There are plenty of good people who will take the time to guide you through the struggles of addiction.

Atheists and agnostics are in the rooms of GA and that is a fact.  The idea that one must pray like the others is just not accurate.  Remember GA is a spiritual program and not a religious one.  So not going along with the prayers is totally acceptable.  One former patient believed in the power of good and just being a decent person to others.  That is a true example of spirituality.  One recent article discusses the challenges atheists and agnostics have with the constant use of the word “God” in twelve step meetings.

Gamble Addiction: Atheists and Agnostics in Recovery

Gamble Addiction: Atheism has been around for centuries!


Gamble Addiction- GA is a Spiritual Program and not a Religious One!

So, keep in mind that whether Alcohol Treatment Centers in Richmond or somewhere else have stressed the importance of believing in God it is not the end all if you do not believe.  The only thing that is important to understand is that you are not “God” yourself!” So, you can stop gambling for good without believing in “God”.

Gamble Addiction-Atheists and Agnostics in Recovery
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