Billy Hoffman discusses the signs that your loved one might be a compulsive gambler.

Does your loved one talk about gambling a lot? Does he or she always seem to have financial struggles despite having a decent income? Is he or she secretive about finances? Do they lie or become irritated easily? Do they plan vacations or day trips around gambling establishments? These are some of the signs to look for and if you answered yes to a few of these questions then it’s likely your family member or friend has a gambling problem. One former patient caused so much chaos in his life from gambling. He spent so much time gambling and he ignored his family’s needs. He missed special occasions all due to his gambling addiction.

Loved ones saw what was happening and they watched his compulsive gambling get out of control. They offered him help several times in a kind and caring manner. He just didn’t see the point…he could do it on his own. His loved ones certainly did not want to hear that he could do it on his own as they witnessed on a number of occasions that this approach was not working.  In fact, one of the saddest things about his gambling was the idea that at one point his wife thought he was having an affair.  Later she thought an affair might have been better than dealing with a compulsive gambler.  But, fortunately he did eventually get treatment and those days are behind them.  They now have a trusting and loving relationship because he sought treatment for compulsive gambling!


An Affair or an Affair with Compulsive Gambling?
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