Gambling Addiction and the Impact on Families is a real tragedy. Many times families suffer more than the addict. Often times the addict will tell his or her loved ones that they are done gambling. Then, soon after, they are gambling once again causing more anguish to those who care for them.  So what should families do in these situations? One clear thing they can do is seek help from a medical professional or some type of support network such as a twelve step group or church.

The need to get support is crucial for any family member or friend. Support systems can help people learn about addiction and the importance of taking care of themselves first.  All too often families spend so much time and energy helping their loved one with an addiction that they neglect their own physical and mental health. Active addiction is a stressful experience for everyone.  One former patient recalled all of the times she had lied to her family about gambling and using drugs.  She admitted that she was not a good liar but continued to do it so she would not “hurt” her mom and dad.  The sad reality she found out later was that they knew she was lying to them about her addiction. Furthermore, the lying for her parents was one of the most hurtful and stressful things about her gambling and drug use.

Support Systems Can Help People Learn About Addiction and the Importance of Taking Care of Themselves First.

One family learned that they just could not control their son’s addiction.  It seemed like the harder they tried the more disappointment they got.  So, they decided to just let their son know that they loved him and when he was ready for help they would be there.  A recent article discusses a new technology to fight a gambling addiction and how addiction is such a difficult disease to beat.

Gambling Addiction and the Impact on Families,support

Gambling Addiction and the Impact on Families. Who is on your team?

No matter what the outcome families should know that they are not responsible for their son, daughter, husband or wife’s addiction.  The only person who can stop their addiction is the addict themselves. But by having a support network in place families will not have to bear witness to this disease alone again!  There is support out there which will make your lives much less stressful.


Gambling Addiction and the Impact on Families
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